Mission of Hilltop Bible Church

Vision Statement Of Hilltop Bible Church
  1. We glorify God almighty, acknowledging as our heavenly Father, and we love Him supremely, worshiping Him in Spirit and truth.
  2. We exalt the name of Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten son, who is our Savior and Lord.
  3. We make disciples of Jesus Christ in accordance to Matthew 28:19,20
  4. We teach and preach the Bible acknowledging it as the word of God. We believe in living by the teachings of the Bible.
  5. We love each other in the love of the Lord, aiming to build each other up in the Christian faith.
  6. We evangelize the lost, those without faith in Christ, through the witness of Christ’s gospel in an effort to lead people to Christ.
  7. We want to minister to spiritually needy people wherever.
Mailing address: PO Box 42, Criders, VA. 22820
Phone no. (540)852-9383